Console & Speakers:

Solid State Logic AWS-924 Delta

Custom Augspurger 215 Mains

with JBL BRX-818 Subs

Linea Research ASC-48 Crossover

Bryston 14B Amps

Samsung 48” HD TV Monitor between the Mains

Yamaha NS-10M's Nearfields



Computer System, DAW's, & I/O:

Mac Pro 2.7 Ghz 12 Core 2TB SSD 128GB RAM 2013 (OSX Catalina)

G-Technology 12TB Thunderbolt 3 / USB3.1 7200rpm External HD

LG 34” Ultra-Wide UHD Monitor

Apogee Symphony MkII  I/O  24ins24out

UAD OCTO Satellite Thunderbolt 

Protools 2020

Logic Pro X

Steinway Concert Grand Piano

Steinway Model B Circa 1968  (Refurbished by Steinway in 2012)


ISDN Lines:

Prima LT ISDN Interface



Pultec EQP-1A

Pultec MEQ-5

Pultec EQH-2 x 2

Millenia STT-1 Parametric EQ

API 3124v x 3 (12 Channels)

API 550 Lunchbox (8 Channels)

Neve Vintage 1073 x 2 (2 Channels)

Avalon 737 Mic Pre & Compressor

Millenia TCL-2 Compressor

UA Classic Blackface 1176LN

Urei Blackface 1176LN

Teletronix Vintage LA-2A

Empirical Labs Distressor’s x 2

Neve 33609 Stereo Compressor

DBX 120A

DBX 160X

DBX 902 x 2

Drawmer DS-201 Dual Gate

Roland Dimension D

Lexicon PCM 70

Lexicon PCM 42’s x 3

Eventide Ultra Harmonizer DSP-4500

Lexicon 480L


Lounge & Amenities: 

Samsung 48” HD TV

Blu-Ray/DVD Player

Spectrum HD Cable with Premium Channels

Spectrum Landline Phones

Kitchenette with Coffee Maker, Fridge, Microwave, & Wine Refrigerator

Purified Cold / Hot Water Machine

Spectrum T1 Business Class Hi-Speed Internet


Dimensions & Square Footage:

Control Room 18W x 20L x 8H = 360 Sq Ft

Live Room 20W x 21L x 9H = 420 Sq Ft

Lounge 15W x18L x 8H = 270 Sq Ft

Iso Booth 9W x 14L x 8H = 125 Sq Ft

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