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Premier Session Seminars


Basic & Advanced Clinics

Audio Recording

Mix Engineering

Music Production

Songwriting & Structure

Vocal Production

Post Production


These clinics are designed to put you in touch with great Music Producers, Songwriters, Tracking & Mix Engineers, and Sound Designers for Television & Film. These new clinics are designed to be private sessions, in Premier Studios. That means you're learning in the same studios, that these industry professionals work in on a daily basis. This offers a great opportunity to gain significant knowledge, and ask your questions directly to top music industry professionals.


Whether you're a beginner, novice, or professional, this can be a great experience for you to advance your knowledge and build on your skill set.



Unlike a School where u start on Page 1

You Decide the course material from Day 1


These clinics are offered in 2-hour increments, daily.

The best place to experience this kind of high-level learning experience, is where the work is actually done, on site, at Premier Studios. This provides you great access, to hear it right from the very professionals who are doing this, day in, and day out. This is an incredible opportunity that is available to you, to meet with the experts, and gain the knowledge you’ve been looking for. These Experts, through their own success, have proven they know how to succeed in the highly competitive Music, Songwriting, Post Mix, and Audio Engineering fields. These industry experts will pass their knowledge and experience on to you, in Premier Studios, sharing their valuable, real life, working conditions. These studio seminars, impart both professional, and technical skills, bridging the gap between technical knowledge, and the real work place.




$200 for 2 hours

1. The Real Studio Environment, How Things Work

2. Using Protools for Mixing with an SSL Console

3. Balancing Your Mixes and Using Dynamics & Effects Skillfully

4. Microphone Preferences for Setups & Placement

5. The Entire Record Making Process from Tracking, to Mixing, to Mastering

6. Songwriting & Production Q&A


$400 for 2 hours

7. Master Engineering Techniques

8. Master Vocal Production Techniques

9. Master Music Production Techniques

10. Master Post Edit & Mixing Techniques

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